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Affordable and Accessible Space

About Saturn Satellite Networks

 Established in 2017 Saturn Satellite Networks (SSN) Inc., a US Delaware Corporation, is managed by an experienced team of satellite operations & manufacturing professionals to redefine the approach for building reliable satellites to enable countries and operators to have affordable access to space communications. In 2018 & 2019 SSN designed and developed the Nationsat, a small 5kW GEO communications satellite system that can provide requirements of a nation for video and data communications applications. The Nationsat passed its PDR successfully in 2019 and the platform processor achieved 15 years of GEO radiation testing in 2020. Based on the heritage of the Nationsat, SSN is developing 3 new platforms: The HummingSat, a 2kW GTO satellite in a partnership with SWISSto12, the Intelligent Space Node (ISN) GEO and ISN NGSO. The ISN satellites are designed for constellation missions. All the subsystems of the our satellites have either previously flown on other GEO missions or have undergone extensive GEO qualification procedures to ensure complete reliability in orbit. 


Satellite Models

C, Ku, HTS, EO and Cloud Computing



5 kW GTO




Intelligent Space Node GEO


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Intelligent Space Node NGSO

1-10 kW


Key Enabling Technologies

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Satellite Development Reinvented

Additive Manufacturing & Volume Production 

Dedicated GSO Launch and GTO Ride Share 

Software Defined Radio & digital beam forming 

Saturn supplied financing for customers


Mobile EO & Space Web Services

Saturn received a DirectoMobile Observation patent in 2020 and in late 2021 received Public IP Routing in Space via satellite constellation Patent in 2021. Saturn can now provide technologies for Space Web Services & Mobile Earth Observation services.

Worlds Most Advanced 3D Printed Payloads


In 2021 Saturn and SWISSto12 announced an exclusive partnership to develop a 75-100Gbps advanced beam forming software defined radio payload for the ISN HTS program. This dynamic beam forming payload will allow the ISN HTS satellites to be deployed anywhere in the world for our customers.


Switch from Analog to Digital

Saturn is reinventing satellite communications payloads by switching as many components from analog devices to digital systems to remove cost, reduce mass and integration and testing time as well as to improve the flexibility of the payloads to enable spacecraft systems to meet multiple missions and in multiple orbits. 


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