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Satellite Applications

 Most of modern television programming for Cable TV distribution, Direct to Home (DTH) pay TV services and VSAT data networking applications occur over GEO synchronous satellites. The total global satellite services account for annual revenue exceeding over $120B per year with about $12B allocated to leasing of fixed satellite service (FSS) capacity at the GEO orbit. The largest user segments for GEO FSS satellites are connecting mobile phone towers to gateways (satellite backhaul), satellite broadband and video services. Of these segments, the satellite broadband market is the fastest growing segment which will grow to over $15 billion out of $25 billion annual FSS revenue by 2029. Now emerging applications in LEO will add to the Space economy. These applications include Earth Observation, LEO broadband, cloud services as well as 5G 3GPP mobile voice, text and IOT services. Saturn provides satellite systems for all the growing segments of the GEO and NGSO applications.


Space Based Cloud & 5G IOT

Saturn has received a US Patent to create a constellation of satellites to act as a BGP router to route public IP traffic in Space not only to accelerate web traffic delivery to and from any point on the earth but also to route public IP traffic in Space. As machines and humans expand into Space, the moon and outer planets, BGP router will be installed on Saturn's cloud constellation to route IP traffic as well as to host Cloud applications such as NB-IOT services which enable standard mobile phones to connect to satellite constellations 


Satellite systems are providing mission critical services to enterprises, governmental agencies and telecommunications operators. Satellite service providers lease capacity from satellite operators and provided end user services by operating broadband VSAT hubs and terminals. Satellite terminals operate on land, in the oceans and on commercial and military airplanes. Low frequency services such as S and L band are capable of providing direct to hand held terminals. Recent changes in the 3GPP standards allow direct 5G mobile phone integration with satellite networks. Soon satellite based telecommunications will be available to everyone with a standard 5G smart phone.


Rural Broadband Development

Currently over 3.2 Billion people live on the wrong side of the digital divide. With older satellite technologies currently about 4M people living mostly in developed countries in North America and Europe receive satellite broadband. With the ISN HTS satellites, satellite broadband will be so affordable everyone in the world will be able to receive internet via satellite. Saturn will provide its customers with a cloud base broadband VSAT hub solution and we predict user terminals will become under $200 per unit.


Using Saturn's real time mobile direct to Earth Observation LEO constellation patent, standard mobile phones will used as a device to directly send and receive requests and process EO imagery in real time.


Television Broadcasting

Since 1965, majority of all live television channels have been broadcasting over satellite communications links. Today it is estimated over 10,000 television channels are being broadcasted via GEO satellites. Cable television and Direct to Home pay and free broadcasting is one of the largest segments of GEO FSS services. Broadband connectivity has now changed user video experience to on-line and on-demand services. This explosion of user capacity demand requirements now dictate that satellite capacity be increased while the capacity costs decrease. With the ISN HTS program, end users will be able to receive satellite broadband at 1/10th current tariff rates making it truly affordable to more people than it was possible in the past

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